The San Antonio, TX, City Council will vote on whether to ban the sale of commercially-bred dogs and cats in pet stores. Discover magazine falsely claims there’s “no concrete evidence” that animals can feel grief. A new study found shelter cats who are handled more frequently and significantly longer were less likely to get URI. The number of communities placing more than 98% of the animals is increasing. And though there were a number of non-lethal methods available to it, the U.S. Department of Agriculture chose instead to cruelly kill over one million animals last year in order to increase rancher profits.

In case you missed it:

The number of communities in the 90% Club — an important milestone on the road to No Kill — is increasing, including:

Of note, these communities are placing at least 97% and most are placing above 98%.

And, finally, the U.S. Department of Agriculture killed at least 1.2 million animals last year, including “gray wolves, black bears, and bobcats, thousands of red foxes, tens of thousands of beavers, and hundreds of thousands of birds.” Over the last four years, over 8.5 million animals have been killed. “In many cases, there are other, non-lethal methods the agency could use to avoid all of this killing,” including “noise making devices” and “predator-proof fencing.” Instead, the agency turned to killing time and time again. And not just any killing, but killing in some of the most brutal ways possible, including “poisoned bait and spring-loaded cyanide traps to kill animals. It also uses leghold traps, which are banned in 88 countries.” Why? Rancher profits.


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