A proposed law in Hilliard, OH, would jail cat lovers who care for “feral”/community cats. The Iowa Attorney General has sued puppy mill brokers who have been pretending to be rescue groups in order to evade bans on the sale of commercially-bred dogs. Many states prohibit shelters from providing medical care to “owned” animals, but a new law in the State of Washington changes that for low-income families. Four horses have been killed at the Santa Anita racetrack in the four weeks of the current “racing season” and 36 have died since December. Orange County, CA, cat “rescue groups” are threatening to sue the county shelter to stop a Return to Field program which, if successful, will lead to more cat/kitten killing. Plant-based food sales are surging, driven in large part by animal welfare concerns. And finally, photographs showing conditions inside the El Paso, TX, pound are horrific and scream for accountability and reform, but PETA is exploiting the tragedy in a bid to further harm animals.

In case you missed it:

And finally, PETA has released photographs showing conditions inside the El Paso, TX, pound that can only be described as horrific, including a dead puppy covered in blood with his forelimb gnawed to the bone. In a letter to the City of El Paso, PETA, which not only kills thousands of animals every year without ever trying to find them homes but which has publicly defended shelters with similarly cruel conditions in the past, called for a criminal investigation in this case

While PETA’s call for a criminal investigation was warranted, so is the need for an earnest campaign to reform the shelter and bring it and its cruel, outdated practices into the 21st century. At the same time, we must challenge and hold PETA accountable which is exploiting the tragedy in El Paso to promote their own sordid and nefarious agenda that would perpetuate a system that visits upon defenseless animals even more death. Reforming sordid practices at the El Paso pound and holding PETA accountable go hand in hand. They are, after all, two sides of the same, abusive coin.


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