The Michigan Pet Fund Alliance has falsely announced that Michigan is a No Kill state. Best Friends falsely claims Delaware is one. Many couples are choosing pets over children and some ethicists claim that “pet keeping” is “fundamentally unjust.” Phenix City, AL, betrays animals yet again. Clear Creek, Gilpin County, Longmont, Archuleta, and Cedaredge, CO, all posted placement rates well above 90% and as high as 99%. A game of fetch with an old-timer dog. And PETA’s pro-killing position infiltrates college campuses.

In case you missed it:

And finally, the student-run Kansas State University newspaper published an article proclaiming support for pounds that kill and questioning the ethics of No Kill shelters. It used the very same debunked excuses for killing that PETA routinely uses. It even quoted PETA. A couple of days later, the student-run Georgia Tech newspaper did an eerily similar piece in an article entitled, “Embracing local ‘kill shelters.’” Perhaps it is just a coincidence. Perhaps. But as one advocated asked me, “Is PETA seeding colleges?” They just might be.

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