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Update: PETA Subpoena

As many of you may know, PETA has demanded that I reveal the names of individuals who have worked at PETA and spoke to me on condition of anonymity about PETA’s killing. The information they provided was used to corroborate newspaper articles, on the record sources, government documents received under the Public Records Act, testimony and information from civil and criminal cases against PETA, photographs, videotape evidence, and admissions by PETA officials. Their testimony was used for a series of articles and ultimately became a book, “Why PETA Kills.”

The PETA employees agreed to speak with me as whistleblowers. They expressed grave concerns about what they saw and wanted the public to know. They trusted me with the information and with protecting their identity because they reasonably fear retribution. Because I refused to reveal their names during a deposition, PETA filed a motion to compel disclosure. A motion in opposition, filed by my attorney on behalf of both me and the No Kill Advocacy Center, is available by clicking here.

I want to thank everyone who contributed to my legal defense fund. I am incredibly grateful to be supported by passionate people who believe in what I am doing. The hearing on the motion is set for January 10.


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