We Can Do It!


From the No Kill Advocacy Center:

We can be a great generation, too!

The No Kill Advocacy Center proudly announces: We Can Do It! A free guide to adopting your way out of killing.

The 1940s were a unique time in American history. With a boldness and clarity out of step with today’s politically opportunist, poll-driven climate, Americans were unflinchingly called on by their government to do their part by giving more and taking less. Whether by encouraging American men and women to enlist as soldiers or nurses, to save energy by carpooling, to collect scrap metal or to simply do their part through rationing, posters produced by the government at this time encouraged personal sacrifice and a devotion to a higher cause and a shared goal. At the heart of the enduring government images—images that were arresting, graphically stunning, beautiful, emotionally charged and at times even humorous—were two recurring themes: the duty every citizen owes to efforts that seek to overcome a great harm, and the possibilities created by people united in a common cause.

The No Kill movement, which likewise seeks to overcome a great harm—shelter killing—through the power and potential afforded by a community when it collectively volunteers, fosters, adopts, rescues and donates, brings to mind the determination and optimism that in many ways characterized America at the middle of the 20th century. As a nation, we have risen to the call of history before and we can do it again. That is why the aspirational, motivational government posters created at this time are the inspiration behind the No Kill Advocacy Center’s latest free guide, We Can Do It! Adopt Your Way Out of Killing.

A step-by step guide illustrated with iconic mid-century themed posters and images that have been adapted to the No Kill cause, We Can Do It! explains how with a can-do attitude and the determination to harness the overwhelming power of the public’s compassion, every shelter in America can be a No Kill shelter.

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Please note: All attendees of the No Kill Conference will receive a printed copy of We Can Do It! along with many other guides and how-to manuals. We Can Do It! is part of my workshop on “Turbocharging Your Adoption Program.”  To learn more about this workshop and the dozens of others, click here.


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