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Welcome PETA Readers

Welcome PETA readers who asked “Who is Nathan Winograd?” after seeing their recent article saying I was a “misguided” No Kill advocate who is trying to fight the repeal of California’s 1998 law protecting animals in shelters.

I am, in fact, a No Kill advocate fighting repeal of that law, but hardly misguided. Contrary to PETA’s claim, the law did not cause more animals to die. In fact, one year after passage, the number of dogs and cats killed in California shelters declined by nearly 250,000. You can learn more about the Hayden Law and how you can help save it by clicking here.

I am also much more than a No Kill advocate. In fact, I am the author of a vegan cookbook which USA Book News named the best cookbook of 2011 in their health/alternative category. Check out my vegan advocacy page at  All American Vegan by clicking here.

Like you, I once supported PETA, too. In fact, while I was a law student working in Washington, D.C. for the Animal Legal Defense Fund, I volunteered at PETA stuffing envelopes for their campaigns. At least I did, until I learned that they do not believe in right to life for animals and in fact, kill thousands of animals every year, including perfectly healthy adoptable ones. Learn more by clicking here.

A number of years ago, I did an interview with Vegan Freak radio about my then-new book, Redemption, one of my favorite interviews to this day, on why saving dogs and cats was an animal rights issue, consistent with the animal rights philosophy, and how killing could not be rationally squared with it. They agreed, a breath of fresh air. But too many vegans and animal rights activists don’t, continuing to parrot the hypocritical charade that the killing of innocent dogs and cats is acceptable and consistent with their beliefs that one should never kill pigs, cows, or chickens. Why? For two reasons. PETA says so. And PETA is the one doing the killing.  All the rationale about pet overpopulation notwithstanding, that is all their belief comes down to. Allegiance with a group, rather than to the animals.

Chances are you are here because you love animals and are curious. Something did not sit right with the PETA article, or any of their articles which champion the killing of dogs and cats, something that violates your belief in the rights of animals. My plea to you: Learn more. Do not blindly follow PETA to the place you should refuse to go, the place where your ideals are put to death along with the animals who should find in you their most fierce and loyal defender.  The embrace of the No Kill philosophy, the belief that dogs and cats have a right to live, is the litmus test which will prove whether you, as an animal rights activist, are seeking an identity (“I’m with PETA”) or whether you truly care about animals.

Can we count on you to champion the animals?

Visit the No Kill Advocacy Center at  to learn more.

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