This year, we have shelter reform legislation pending in several states with more to come. In Minnesota, for example, there’s a bill pending that would ban the use of the cruel gas chamber, end the practice of convenience killing (killing when there are empty cages), end the practice of retribution killing (killing when rescue groups are willing to save them), end the practice of allowing animals to languish without prompt and necessary care, and end the practice of killing healthy “owner surrendered” animals within minutes of arrival. As always, we are going to fight an uphill battle because the very groups—HSUS, the ASPCA, PETA, and state animal control/humane groups—that should be leading the charge do not support our efforts and, in fact, historically fight us. But this year, we are coming prepared and intend to educate legislators that the groups they defer to as the undisputed sheltering “experts” are in fact the primary roadblock to a No Kill nation. What’s in a Name? from the No Kill Advocacy Center will allow legislators and policy makers to understand why groups like HSUS, the ASPCA and PETA oppose badly needed shelter reform legislation.

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For other shelter reform guides, including How Does Your Community’s Shelter Measure Up?, No Kill 101, Dollars & Sense, and more, visit the No Kill Advocate’s Toolkit by clicking here.


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