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Why PETA Kills

Why PETA Kills is available on Amazon. From now until Sunday, December 3, it is available as a free download.

Why? Why does PETA kill thousands of dogs and cats every year? Why are PETA employees instructed to acquire animals by any means necessary – which has included lying and theft – in order to kill those animals? Why do they encourage others to kill them? And why do they embrace and defend even abusive animal shelters?

Why PETA Kills, my new book co-written with Jennifer, answers these questions.

In a nutshell, former PETA employees say it is the result of the deeply perverse version of animal activism promoted by PETA founder and President, Ingrid Newkirk. They explain how employees are made to watch “heart wrenching” films about animal abuse to instill into them the belief that people are incapable of caring for animals and that PETA is doing what is best for animals by killing them. PETA also claims that animals cannot live without human care, which is why they round up animals living outdoors in order to put them to death. The animals are, in short, damned either way and thus killing them is a “gift.”

Collected within are interviews with former PETA employees, documents from civil and criminal court cases against PETA, photos of animals killed by PETA, inspection reports by the State Veterinarian in Virginia where PETA is headquartered, as well as admissions of killing, and support for killing, by Ingrid Newkirk herself. Together, this information leads to a tragic and disturbing conclusion: PETA is letting loose upon the world individuals who not only believe that killing is a good thing and that the living want to die, but who are legally armed with lethal drugs which they have already proven – at least 32,744 times in the last 13 years – that they are not averse to using.

Why PETA Kills  is a quick read and the perfect gift for the PETA supporter on your holiday gift list. Let those who support PETA know how their donations are actually spent to fund the salaries of the employees who round up and kill, to purchase the lethal drugs used to poison animals, and to pay the renderer who disposes of the bodies of PETA’s thousands of victims every year.

Why PETA Kills is available on Amazon. From now until Sunday, December 3, it is available as a free download.


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