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Thank You, Mr. President

I am very grateful and honored to be acknowledged by former President George H.W. Bush for the pioneering work of my organization, the No Kill Advocacy Center.

Legalized Torture

A gas chamber is one of the cruelest methods of legally killing an animal. But it is still legal in most states.

Their Own Worst Enemies

Those who oppose No Kill are not only irrational, they are cruel and heartless.

The Age of Guilt

“This was a world balanced so precariously that its harmony could be shattered by a whisper.”

Why a Vegan Opposes PETA in Norfolk

The lies and life of PETA’s Daphna Nachminovitch.

Louie, Louie

Meet Louie. A little cat who crossed our path on a walk.

A Revolution in Sheltering

At this bright new dawn, let us seize the day…