Louie, Louie

What would you do if you see a cat on the street? Would you:

  1. Call animal control, agencies with a history of mass slaughter, as HSUS has historically recommended?  
  2. Round him up and kill him, as PETA would do?  
  3. If you live in NYC, take him to the ASPCA, give them a donation, and then let them pocket the money before they take the cat to the abusive New York City pound to be killed?  
  4. Take him to the pound yourself, where AHA has taught staff how to restrain and inject him with poison?  
  5. Give him lots and lots of love?

Of course, if he is truly homeless/in need, you open the door and let him in or find him a home. But if he is just hanging out, the answer is number 5.

Meet Louie. A little cat who crossed our path on a walk.

Leave no chin unscratched. Leave no head unpatted. Leave no belly unrubbed.