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Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Two years ago today, we lost our beautiful boy, Sir Topham Hat. His brother sits beside me. Our time is short.

Ethical Consistency for True Dog Lovers

You don’t have to believe in or perpetuate the lie of pet overpopulation to work on efforts to curtail harm to dogs in puppy mills.

My Kool-Aid Drinking Days

I did not wake up one day and say “Pet overpopulation is a myth.” Nor did I think that someday I would champion the fact that it was. I did not even set out to prove it.

Join the Discussion

Due to a heavy project schedule, including the upcoming release of Friendly Fire, I’ve been blogging a lot loss and posting on Facebook more.

PETA’s Good Little Soldiers

PETA supporters value animals so little they are willing to grant people absolution to kill animals for the most capricious of reasons; and—side by side with PETA—to defend a cruel, antiquated and barbaric animal “sheltering” system that has no place in a truly humane society.

Here Comes the Sun

Can a handle of people change the world for animals? You bet they can.

Setting the Record Straight

This movement no longer belongs to people who are willing to look the other way while animals are killed by our movement, or worse, have the audacity to defend them and to call us “divisive” for trying to keep them from doing so. The fight with PETA is on. And we intend to stop this evil.

Beware of PETA Bearing Gifts

Before the first cat was poisoned with an overdose of barbiturates, the PETA staff had begun to celebrate the mass killing proposed. This is what the Butcher of Norfolk and the rest of the PETA death cult stand for. But now PETA will have to put away the party hats because the animals are safe. They’ve been adopted. They’ve been fostered. They’ve been placed under the protective embrace of rescuers. PETA is death. No Kill is love.