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Updated: PETA Trying to Get Away With Maya’s “Murder”

Part I: PETA tells a court that dogs are worthless and that stealing & killing…

Let the Sun Shine In

Yesterday, I posted about a court case against the Louisiana SPCA filed by a Bulldog…

A Loss for the Louisiana SPCA is a Victory for the Animals

Transparency is the hallmark of accountability, the best disinfectant for corruption. And there is no…

A Defense of No Kill in Both Word & Deed

A social, friendly kitten rescued off the street by a rescuer (and her dog) after…

Behaviorally Challenged Dogs: Can We Save Them All? [1]

Photo by Eileen McFall: dog playgroup at Austin Animal Center. True to their mission statements…

Feds Pull Funding for Oakland, Berkeley Clear Cutting

By Nathan & Jennifer Winograd Many of us tried to engage in meaningful dialog with…

On Demand Worldwide

Redemption, my film about the No Kill revolution in America, is now available worldwide for on demand streaming or downloading.

Factory Farming Dogs

A comparative look at shelter and puppy mill dogs.

PETA is Still Trying to Get Away With “Murder”

PETA officials thought they could get away with illegal killings. A Court will determine if they succeed.

Portland Animal Conference

Join me‚Äč in Portland, OR, for a workshop on building a No Kill community and a screening of Redemption, my film about the No Kill revolution in America.