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Direct Action Everywhere: Stop Embracing Dog & Cat Killers

Updated January 17, 2017 A Letter to the Leadership, Activists, & Supporters of Direct Action…

You can help stop PETA from rounding up and killing animals

Last year, the Commonwealth of Virginia overwhelming passed SB 1381, a law which requires shelters…

PETA: ‘It’s the family’s fault we stole and killed their dog’

For those who have been following my work, you already know that PETA and two…

Updated: PETA Trying to Get Away With Maya’s “Murder”

Part I: PETA tells a court that dogs are worthless and that stealing & killing…

PETA is Still Trying to Get Away With “Murder”

PETA officials thought they could get away with illegal killings. A Court will determine if they succeed.

Out of the Frying Pan & Into the Fire

PETA to Deliver Louisiana Animals to Virginia Kill “Shelters.”

PETA’s conduct “outrageous and intolerable”

PETA tells a court that a dog they killed was worthless.

PETA: ‘cats better off dead’

“An international animal rights organization believes the free-roaming cats that live under this borough’s boardwalk would be better off with a lethal injection than having to spend all their nine lives in the cruel outdoors.”

PETA’s Shell Game

PETA is rounding up healthy community cats and kittens and taking them to the police-run pound to be killed.

PETA, where are the missing animals?

PETA says it transferred animals to other shelters; but those shelters filed their own reports saying they didn’t take in any from PETA.