A Very Vegan Disney

Soon those will be plant-based meatballs Lady and the Tramp are eating. Disneyland just announced that they are adding a plant-based menu to every single one of their restaurants: over 400 vegan dishes in all, including cheesecake.

This comes on the heels of KFC successfully test marketing a “Kentucky fried plant-based chicken” which sold out in five hours with lines around the block. And after Burger King and Red Robin added a plant-based burger to their menu.

Why? “A 2018 report by food consultants Baum and Whiteman… found that more than 30% of Americans have meat-free days, more than 50% of adults drink non-dairy milk and about 83% are adding more plant-based foods to their diets.”

As I predicted in All American Vegan, my cookbook, if you make it easy and convenient for people to choose plant-based options, more people will.

Indeed, a global food industry research firm is also predicting that in the next 20 years, 60% of the world’s meat will NOT come from slaughtered animals. Instead, it will come from plant-based meat analogues and meat grown in labs from cultured cells. And they say, that is a very conservative estimate. The percentage is likely to be significantly higher. That is incredibly good news.

From the moment they are born to the moment their necks are slit, the vast majority of animals raised and killed for food will experience lives of unremitting torment. They will not know contentment, respite, safety, happiness, or kindness. Instead, they will live a short life characterized by inescapable discomfort, social deprivation, the thwarting of every natural instinct and constant stress, all punctuated by moments of agonizing pain, terror, and the deliberate infliction upon them of harm, cruelty and eventually, a brutal and untimely death. If people will not change what they are eating and where they are eating it, what the food is made of has to change.

For those who can’t wait until the Disney menu rolls out, All American Vegan, my award-winning cookbook, contains over 90 other recipes for America’s most iconic foods such as fried “chicken,” hamburgers, pizza, no-chicken noodle soup, corn dogs, donuts, pancakes, ice cream sundaes, and of course, apple pie. Filled with illustrations, cartoons, and humor, the San Francisco Book Review gave All American Vegan 5 out of 5 stars and called it “hilarious,” “entertaining,” and “a pleasure to read.”


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