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Best Friends Tells Rescuers to Shut Up

Best Friends to Rescuers: Keep your mouth shut or we won’t help you save lives.

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

It is a story as old as history itself. Wealthy, powerful people believe they are above the normal rules of decency and accountability. It is called corruption. On the heels of finding out that Best Friends will once again oppose Oreo’s Law and allow the continued killing of 25,000 animals every year in NYS who rescue groups are willing to save, we find out that Best Friends is now using money donated to them to help animals to try to intimidate people into silence.

Best Friends agreed to help Pets Alive with a rescue center to save animals on death row. But after planning and negotiation, Gregory Castle told them there is only one thing left to agree on and then threatened them that they will only help the animals if they shut their mouths and never publicly criticize Best Friends.

Kerry Clair of Pets Alive writes,

I was warned. They would help us, but not if I did this. Spoke out against them again like this. And as I write this, the blood in my veins goes cold, with fear over that threat. Without their help, Elmsford may have to close down. We can’t fail there, what would happen to all those animals? We CAN’T fail and we have such HUGE plans for the future for that place – to do mass rescues and really make an impact for animals.

They either play by Best Friends’ rules or the animals be damned. That is what Best Friends has become. How the mighty have fallen.