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Shelter Killing Benefits Puppy Mills

Widespread No Kill success in our nation’s shelters would not only save the lives of almost four million animals every year, it—combined with legislative efforts to regulate, reform, close down, and eliminate their markets—would drive a dagger to the heart of the puppy and kitten mill industries. And yet HSUS, the ASPCA and PETA fight our efforts to reform shelters.

The Lie at the Heart of the Killing

The myth of pet overpopulation.

Who Is Nathan Winograd?

An open letter to supporters of PETA, the ASPCA, and the Humane Society of the United States,

The Sheltering Crisis Hurts People, Too

Animal rescuers and shelter volunteers are already donating their time, their energy, their resources and their love to make our world a better place. They shouldn’t have to sacrifice their emotional well-being, too.

“All Good Christians, Disembark!”

Why Believing In People Helps Animals.

Redemption for Henry Bergh

After over 100 years of killing, the grassroots of the animal protection movement is finally waking up. Watch the trailer for a new documentary which will tell the story.

It’s Even Better Than You Think

Perhaps we shouldn’t sell ourselves short in terms of how far we have truly come. Rather than talk about the 35 or so communities which are saving more than 90%, maybe we should be talking about what potentially is hundreds of No Kill cities and towns across America.

What is True Euthanasia?

The animal lover’s unknowable question.

They Know What They Know

Some people claim that pet overpopulation is real. They do not have evidence to support it. They do not have data or analysis. They have no idea how many available homes there are (the demand side of the equation) as opposed to how many animals are killed but for a home (the supply side).

No Kill 2.0

Even as we succeed in more and more communities, we must not simply sit back and wait for the others to catch up. We must update our efforts to reflect the changing nature of the No Kill debate within our own movement. We must upgrade to No Kill 2.0 with open and loving arms. The animals who are currently falling through the cracks that continue to exist also deserve our protective embrace.