Florida CAPA


The Florida Companion Animal Protection Act would make it illegal for shelters to kill animals if there are empty cages or kennels, if animals can share a cage or kennel with another animal, if a foster home is available, if a rescue group is willing to take the animal, if an animal can be transferred to another shelter, if the animal can be sterilized and released, and more.

Similar laws in other states save tens of thousands of animals every year, have reduced killing statewide by 78%, and have cut millions of dollars in wasteful spending.

Such a law is not only necessary, reasonable and an effective means of saving lives, its passage would also bring Florida’s sheltering procedures more in line with the humane, progressive values of the American public.

For a copy of the bill, click here.


If you live outside of Florida, bring CAPA to your state. Click here for a copy of the model law.


Click here for a guide on how to get it introduced in your state.

Photo: In California, a similar law saves over 46,000 animals a year who would have been killed in years past, saving taxpayers $1.8 million in the costs of killing. Instead of ending up in landfills or turned into ash, these animals are chasing balls, sleeping in the sun, curling up on laps, loving and being loved in return. CAPA saves lives.


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