Hayden Fights for the Hayden Law

Former Senator Tom Hayden asks Governor Brown to think about his own dog before he proceeds with repealing parts of the Hayden law which will mean certain death for animals in California shelters indefinitely. Today, only one state has a holding period lower than California. Many animals are killed before their families have a chance to find them.

A vital law to protect animals in California shelters is under siege. When Governor Brown recently announced his intent to repeal parts of the Hayden Law, he claimed that the provisions designed to protect animals from quick killing were no longer needed, an ugly falsehood designed to mask his effort to set the clock back for California’s shelter animals 15 years.

Specifically, the Governor is asking the Legislature to repeal several provisions of the Hayden Law including the increase of California’s holding period from 72 hours to four days; the requirement that other species such as rabbits and guinea pigs be given the same protections as cats and dogs; the posting of lost and found lists so that more animals get home to their families; and the mandate to provide prompt and necessary veterinary care for sick and injured animals. If the Governor succeeds, he will rob these animals of any hope for a brighter future. That would be unconscionable.

But we stopped it once before when the former Governor tried to do it and we can do so again. In 2004, then Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger sought to repeal the provision, but was forced to relent. When the  Los Angeles Times  reported in 2004  that “The hectoring barks of animal lovers convinced Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to reverse himself : and keep California’s law protecting stray dogs and cats at shelters,” they were reporting on the power of the people. We must teach the current Governor the same lesson. This is our state, these are our shelters, these are our values, and this is our will.

Rise, Californians. Rise and be heard before it is too late. Because if you don’t, the animals won’t stand a chance.

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