Hope for Maryland Shelter Animals


The Maryland Animal Shelter Standards Act would, among other things, end convenience killing in shelters, including making it illegal for shelters to kill animals when rescue groups are willing to save them. It would also bring transparency to shelter operations.

According to its chief sponsor Christian Miele:

“Today Delegate Shelly Hettleman and I introduced the Animal Shelter Standards Act of 2016, the most comprehensive animal shelter reform bill in the history of Maryland. Co-sponsored by 12 Republicans and 12 Democrats in the House, this bill is a truly bipartisan effort that will save countless animal lives, and bring about greater transparency and accountability in taxpayer-funded shelters throughout the state.”

If you live in Maryland, please contact your local legislator and ask them to cosponsor and support HB 494.

If you live outside of Maryland, please share with those who do. You can also bring similar legislation to your state using the No Kill Advocacy Center‘s  free guide on how to get it introduced.


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