Introducing No Kill 101, the latest video from the No Kill Advocacy Center “No Kill Know How” series, which answers the question: How does a community achieve No Kill?

Today, millions of Americans live in cities and towns that have dramatically reduced and even eliminated the killing of healthy and treatable animals in their shelters. Some of these communities are large, some are small. Some are urban; some are rural. Some are rich; others poor. Such communities can be found across the nation, in blue states and in the reddest parts of the reddest states. They are as diverse as America itself, and share only one thing in common: they all achieved success the exact same way — the No Kill Equation.

In a video created for rescuers, shelter managers, government officials, and taxpayers, No Kill 101 explains why the readily-available, cost-effective programs and services of the No Kill Equation hold the key to creating not just No Kill communities, but a No Kill nation.

NOTE: This video is “Animal Lover Safe” and does not contain graphic images.

This is the second in a series of “No Kill Know How” videos. The first, which tackles the core excuse used to kill animals in U.S. pounds, is available by clicking here.


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