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No Kill Advocacy Center Seeks to Stop PETA Killing

Over 30,000 animals, including a dog taken from her home, have been killed

Maya (2)

In the wake of the recent case of two representatives of People for the Ethical treatment of Animals (PETA) who took and killed Maya, a nine-year-old girl’s Chihuahua, the No Kill Advocacy Center (NKAC) has filed a petition asking the Virginia State Veterinarian to revoke PETA’s status as an animal shelter in order to eliminate PETA’s ability to kill animals.

Maya’s killing was not the first time that PETA employees have been arrested over their taking and killing of animals. In a 2007 criminal trial against two other PETA employees in North Carolina, jurors heard testimony from individuals that they turned over animals to PETA after PETA promised to find the animals homes only to learn that PETA killed the animals, in some cases within minutes of taking them, in the back of a PETA van stocked with syringes and lethal doses of sodium pentobarbital. This is not the first time PETA has been accused of taking animals from people under false pretenses and putting the animals to death, thus suggesting that the taking and killing of Maya cannot be dismissed as the action of rogue employees. PETA is using its designation as an animal shelter to deceive the public and acquire animals for the purpose of killing them. It is also using that designation to acquire the controlled pharmaceutical substances used to kill those animals.

NKAC’s petition states that “PETA’s actions potentially violate several state statutes and regulations, including Virginia laws against larceny, mandated holding periods, and VDACS regulations governing euthanasia of animals at animal shelters.”

Since 1998, PETA has killed over 30,000 animals, roughly 2,000 animals a year including kittens and puppies. Like Maya, many of these animals were healthy, but nonetheless PETA killed them without making any attempt to find the animals homes first. Revoking PETA’s status as a shelter would bring such senseless killing to an end and be an important step in protecting the pets, often cherished family members, of the people of Norfolk and surrounding communities.

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