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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is an organization that publicly claims to represent the best interest of animals—indeed their “ethical treatment.” Yet, approximately 2,000 animals pass through PETA’s front door every year, and very few make it out alive. The vast majority—96 percent in 2011—exit the facility out the back door after they have been killed, when Pet Cremation Services of Tidewater stops by on their regular visits to pick up their remains. Between these visits, the bodies are stored in the giant walk-in freezer PETA installed for this very purpose. It is a freezer that cost $9,370 and, like the company which incinerates the bodies of PETA’s victims, was paid for with the donations of animal lovers who could never have imagined that the money they donated to help animals would be used to end their lives instead. In fact, in the last 11 years, PETA has killed 29,426 dogs, cats, rabbits, and other domestic animals. Most animal lovers find this hard to believe. But seeing is believing. And if it is true that a picture speaks a thousand words, the following images speak volumes about who PETA is and what they really stand for.

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Ahoski police departmetn Det. Sght jerremy roberts holds a dead dog retrieved from a dumpster, in Ahoski, NC, wastewater treatment plant. Wednesday, June 15, 2005. (AP Photo/Roanoke-Chowan News-Herald, Cal Bryant)

Photo: Ahsokie, NC police detective in hazmat suit prepares to bury a puppy killed by PETA. PETA is letting loose upon the world individuals who not only maniacally believe that killing is a good thing and that the living want to die, but who are legally armed with lethal drugs which they have already proven—29,426 times in the last 11 years—that they are not adverse to using. You can learn more: (Photo © A.P. All rights reserved.)


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