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NPR’s Article on Stray Dogs is Two Centuries Too Late

An article on NPR says that there is “No ‘Easy Answer’ To Growing Number Of…

ASPCA: Shelter Killing Below 1 Million for Cats and Even Lower for Dogs

That’s Good News, if True, But ASPCA Obfuscates Full Causes of the Decline The ASPCA…

Employees Wanted: Must Love Animals

I’ve reported on various studies that have found that group housing, play groups, and plenty…

Recapturing My Roots

The time is ripe for me to recapture my roots in the cause of animal protection.

A Blessing & A Burden

With animals, we have the possibility of ending their suffering in a way the law, in most places, does not allow for humans. As such, we bear a tremendous responsibility.

A No Kill Puerto Rico

It is imperative that only No Kill programs and services be implemented.

California Shelter Animals Under Attack

Rise, Californians. Rise and be heard before it is too late. Because if you don’t, the animals won’t stand a chance.