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Profiting on the Backs of Animals

A recent article in a Florida newspaper claimed that, “Local ordinances targeting pet stores in Florida do more harm than good” and urged lawmakers to make it illegal for cities and counties to ban the retail sale of commercially bred dogs and cats. It was written by a former Petland franchisee who claims he lost his store when the city it was located in passed such a law. The author wants the law overturned. But…

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Study: Shelter Dog Killing Drops Below 1 Million

But the conclusions the funders of the study are drawing from it are not only wrong, they’re pernicious. A new study, by researchers at Mississippi State University, claims the number of dogs killed in U.S. shelters is down to 776,970 (with an upper range of 866,377). If true, this is incredibly good news. The latest data available from the No Kill Advocacy Center’s review had put the number at about 1.1 million, 22% of all…

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