Ohio makes the “shelter pet” the official state animal; spending on animal companions tops $70 Billion with more people choosing adoption over buying; Petaluma, CA, places 99% of dogs; Henderson, NV, falsely claims to have achieved No Kill; New York City fudges its data to create the illusion of progress; and anti-No Kill zealots are trying to further harm animals in Pueblo, CO. Meanwhile, the Austin City Council unanimously embraces a 95% standard for its municipal shelter and a new study calls for a moratorium on the use of temperament testing to determine if dogs live or die in shelters.

In case you missed it:

And finally, it’s time to throw out the fake hand, the doll, the food bowl takeaway, and the loud knock on the door. The debate as to whether temperament testing in a shelter is effective, flawed, needs modification, or should be discarded is over. A new study finds that there is not a single temperament test used to evaluate shelter dogs that is reliable in predicting behavior. The study authors are calling for a moratorium on their use by pounds to determine whether dogs live or die.

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