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A Sign of the Times

Phil is looking for a home at Chippewa County’s animal shelter. If Michigan is a…

Imagine the Possibilities

The official motto of Muncie, IN, is “Imagine the Possibilities When We Work Together.” In…

Calculating an Animal Shelter’s Live Release Rate

Everyone is familiar with the old quip that there are three types of lies: lies,…

Behaviorally Challenged Dogs: Can We Save Them All? [1]

Photo by Eileen McFall: dog playgroup at Austin Animal Center. True to their mission statements…

What Shelters Owe Traumatized Animals

The newest free guide from the No Kill Advocacy Center.

Making Shelter Dogs Happy

Healthy bodies, healthy minds, healthy relationships. And sniff holes.

Legislating No Kill Delaware-Style

Delaware Animal Services, which provides animal control sheltering throughout the State of Delaware, saved 89% of cats, 93% of dogs, and 98% of other animals.

Best Day Ever

45,000 animals who otherwise faced being killed were adopted in a single day, emptying shelters across the country, erasing one week’s worth of killing in the U.S., and making it the safest day for homeless animals in America ever.

New Jersey 2015

Following nationwide trends, lifesaving is up in the Garden State.

Shelter Killing Drops to 2.6 M

The number of dogs and cats killed in U.S. shelters now stands at 2.6 million.