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It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again

The ASPCA is lobbying for animals to die. The ink is not yet dry on…


What Pixar’s masterpiece says about how far the No Kill movement has come, how far…

The Faces of NYCACC’s “Spay Neuter Kill” Victims

These are the Faces of NYCACC’s “Spay Neuter Kill” Victims On average, virtually every week…

No Kill In Spite of the ASPCA

By Nathan & Jennifer Winograd In 2007, when Bullet, this man’s dog, fell ill, he…

ASPCA: Shelter Killing Below 1 Million for Cats and Even Lower for Dogs

That’s Good News, if True, But ASPCA Obfuscates Full Causes of the Decline The ASPCA…

Bringing Shelters Into the 21st Century

Help needed to get Florida shelter reform legislation passed. It is the most powerful piece…

Factory Farming Dogs

A comparative look at shelter and puppy mill dogs.

‘Shop, Don’t Adopt,’ says Former ASPCA CEO

Former ASPCA CEO Ed Sayres argues that people should ‘shop, not adopt,’ that pet stores protect public safety, that shelter dogs are a threat, and that pit bulls in particular are a bigger danger to Americans than jihadi terrorists.

Oreo & 150,000 Others

Today is the six year anniversary of the ASPCA’s killing of Oreo, an abused dog, who a No Kill sanctuary offered to save.

Frankenstein’s Monster

Ed Sayres, the former president of the ASPCA, has been hired by the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council, an industry lobbying group that supports puppy mills and fights animal protection legislation to curtail the abuse and sale of puppy mill dogs. This news is no surprise.